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Santa Llúcia Meeting
2006-2014 Scientists-Communicators

Biology and Society Section

The Santa Llúcia Meeting is the annual one of the Biology and Society Section, from Catalan Society of Biologi Biologia, Institute for Catalan Studies,
This meeting is a collaboration with Ciència en Societat Foundation.

2014 Food for the city
2013 In 2014, Towards a better air quality in Barcelona
2013 In 2013, what will be talking about? Water
2011 In 2012, what will be talking about? Neuroscience
2009 Gaps in science communication: When conspiracies are suspected
2008 Gaps in science communication: The biotechnology case
2007 Where we want to arrive?
2006 Who we are?

Lichens of Barcelona
Lichens of Barcelona as indicators of environment quality
Bioblitz Parc Oreneta
27th may 2017
:: 27th May
:: Parc Oreneta
Scientific Coffees
2009-2017 Popular talks
:: 3rd Wednesday month (to be confirmed)
:: Casa Orlandai, Jaume Piquet, 23 Sarriá, E08017 Barcelona
Citizen Science in Barcelona
10th May 18h - Museu Zoologia
:: 10th May 18h
:: Museu Zoologia