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José Luis Ordóñez

I hold a Degree and PhD in Biology from the Barcelona Autonomous University (UAB). I specialize in forestry ecology and fire ecology, however my passion for everything concerning life, particularly human life, foments my fascination with topics such as ethnology, sociobiology, and the evolution of biomedicine.

For 10 years I worked with the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) in ecological inventories, photo interpretation of thematic maps, studies of the regeneration of areas affected by big fires, and developing mathematical models on forest regeneration processes. From this work, I produced five scientific publications in international journals and more than ten posters and oral communications in scientific meetings.

While working on my PhD, I realized my interest and particular skills in the communication component of scientific research. Taking advantage of my strong performance in the Pedagogic Aptitude Certificate, my first course in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and my fresh knowledge of documentary filmmaking from the Movies Observatory (Observatorio de Cine) I decided to devote myself to scientific communications.

I met Cristina Junyent at the workshop Communication the Results of Research organized by the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB-IEC). Since then I have been working as a free lance scientific communicator for Science and Society; preparing and delivering didactic programs for secondary students; participating in scientific conferences and exhibitions; illustrating a manual on practical ecology (Ecology with Numbers); and drafting articles for different publications, including the Eureka Journal and a series of forestry manuals for the Barcelona Delegation.

University Degrees

1999-2004 PhD in Biology, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), undertaken at the CREAF Center. Thesis: Analysis and Modeling of the Regeneration of Pinus nigra in Areas Affected by Big Forest Fires. Director: Dr. Javier Retana.

1995 Pedagogic Aptitude Certificate by the Faculty of Education Sciences of the UAB, practical at the Puig-Castellar Secondary Institute, Santa Coloma de Gramanet. Grade: Excellent.

1989-1995 Bachelor’s in Biology, concentration on Vegetal Biology and Ecology, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

1990-1991 First Course in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

Other studies

February 2005: Workshop Communicating the Results of Research organized by the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB), a section of the Catalan Institute of Studies (IEC).

August 2004: Intensive Course on Creative Documentaries, School of Movie Theory, Analysis, and Criticism of the Movie Observatory of Barcelona. Co-production of the Waiting Room (DVC, 15), a documentary.


Spanish: mother tongue.
Catalan and Galician: high level in speaking and reading.
Portuguese: medium level in speaking and reading.
English: strong understanding of verbal and written expression, elemental level in speaking.


Office: Word, Excel.
Presentations: PowerPoint (advanced).
Graphics: Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation Shop 3, Studio DV Plus, Corel Draw 9.
Video editing: Final Cut Pro.
Database: Filemaker Pro, Reference Manager.
Statistics: Statistica, Statview, SPSS, KaleidaGraf.
Geographic Information Systems: MiraMon.


Experimental design and basic statistics.
Sampling of populations, animals, and vegetation.
Advanced analysis (factorial, repeat measurements, clusters).
Log lineal models to analyze multiple contingency tables.
Multiple regression analysis.
Path analysis.


Knowledge of drawing and painting, and general fine arts abilities.
Basic musical knowledge, to include guitar.
Member of several musical groups, traditional and gospel.
Driver license B1 (UE) since 1990, familiar with driving in rural areas.
Regular practice of mini soccer, seasonal climbing, and canoeing.

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