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Santa Llúcia 2009. Gaps en la comunicación científica

On Thursday 17th December 2009 took place the fourth Jornada de Santa Llúcia.
It studied Gaps on scientific communication, and was about When conspiracies are suspected.

Investing in knowledge always produces the best results.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

After two years of focusing to meet science communication institutions, in 2008 and 2009 we want to find gaps in science communication. In Santa Llúcia Day, last year we began a series of reflections on a common concern among those involved in research and communication science and technology: why certain aspects of science do not get the public properly?

In 2008, we dealt with the case of GM and this year we want to reflect on what is not well communicated in the case of global change and in the case of vaccines, ie, which communication gaps or voids exist in these two scientific fields. Both have common communication problems: why the public might believe that there are intrigues to destroy part of the world? What are we doing wrong? What can we do to get the communication right?

To go a step beyond where we stayed last year, we want to make a more participatory conference, so we changed the format to increase the participation of all attendees and the time for debate.

Given the scientific conference on vaccines and on global change that is in general and in particular the IEC (the opening session of the SCB of 23 November was attended by a virologist and epidemiologist, and organized on December 3 a workshop on the management of biodiversity), there is no scientific presentation, but just try aspects of communication. Therefore, the presentations will be converted into actions that generate and ensure a more extensive discussion.

The discussion will be led, like last year, by the professional group ARC Environmental Mediation, and will include the participation of an audience of science communicators to provide tools and approaches for improving the communication of scientific topics that encourage thinking intrigues in the world. The results complement the text last year, aiming to provide documentation to encourage change in the perception of science.

Summary of the meeting.

    16:30h Welcome. Lluís Tort (Autonomous University of Barcelona and SCB)
    16:35h Various fields, matching suspicions. Cristina Junyent (Ciència en Societat and SCB)
    16:45h What is seen on vaccines? Mercè Piqueras (ACCC)
    16:55h What is seen on global change? Xavier Duran (El Medi Ambient, TV3)
    17:05h The alleged scientific intrigues. Jaume Estruch (Rubes Editorial and Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies [COSCE])
    17:10h Discussion: What can we do to stop the conspiracy theories? How can we improve the perception?
    19:30 Happy hour

Organized by the Section of Biology and Society of the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB)
Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC) and the Foundation Science in Society (Census)
With the help SciCOM Group of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication
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