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Santa Llúcia 2008. Gaps en la comunicació científica

2008, December the 10th took place the third Jornada de Santa Llúcia It was on Gaps in scientific communication

If we are to overcome fears, we should have a force of thought
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

After two years of devoted to know Science Communication institutions, this year we want to focus on the audience. Therefore, for the day of Santa Lucia we have collected a common concern among those involved in research and communication of science and technology: why certain aspects of new technologies generate fear and rejection? To the extent that, in Catalonia, there is a legislative initiative for a GMO-free space.
Thus, in order to generate a debate on science and social reputation among people engaged in science communication, we have invited experts who can discuss the situation in our country and other foreign initiatives, from the Swiss referendum on GMOs to games promoted by the European Union to encourage public participation in the discussion of new technologies.

Summary of the Meeting.


16:00 to 16:05 Presentation. Cristina Junyent, Coordinator of the Biology and Society section of the SCB i Ciència en Societat, Foundation
16:05 to 16:35 What are and how GMOs work?
                          David Bueno, UB professor and author of the book living with GM
16:35 to 17:05 Where are the GM? Location and legislation in Europe
                          Peter Puigdomènech, research professor at CSIC
                          and member of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

17:05 to 17:45 Panel: Biotechnology and social reputation
                           Why are generated by biotechnology? Cristina Ribas, Vice President ACCC
                           Initiatives to improve the image. Rosina Malagrida, PCB
                           Role of professional institutions. Ignasi Cebrián, Col·legi de Biòlegs de Catalunya
                           Proposals to improve the image. Enric Melé, IRTA

17:45 to 18:00 Brief interventions from the zero line: Previous experiences
                           The referendum in Switzerland in 1998. Xavier Duran, journalist (El Medi Ambient, TV3)
                           What does the Eurobarometer tell? Gema Revuelta, OCC-UPF
                           Improve the image to give answers. Montse Daban, Biocat (Bioregion of Catalonia)
                           What is involved in perception? Teresa Escalas, member of the Observatory for the Promotion of Science

18:00 to 19:15 participatory process of the remainder of these
19:15 to 19:30 Closing. Richard Guerrero, scientific secretary of the IEC and a member of CAPCIT

19:30 to 20:00 Happy hour

Organized by: Societat Catalana de Biologia, Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Fundació Ciència en Societat and Biocat (Bioregió de Catalunya).
With the help of Group SciCOM of theACCC
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