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Santa Llúcia 2007. Where we want to arrive?

2007, December the 13tf, took place the second Jornada de Santa Llúcia

There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they go. Séneca

On the second day of Santa Llúcia, organized by the Section Biology and Society of the Catalan Society of Biology (affiliate of the Institute for Catalan Studies), Ciència en Societat Foundation and Biocat - Biosciences and innovation, and the collaboration of Sci-COM group of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication, we wanted to continue the philosophy of gathering entities and groups that pursue the same goal: bridging research and scientific thinking to non-specialists.

We recall the points made in previous years, when we find that, like bacteria, we have a critical mass and we recognize our existence. In 2007 we want to reflect on several points: Do we know who we are? Where we want to go? How we articulate? Are we a visible collective? Which are our common professional interests? What difficulties we find in the development of our profession? How are they handled elsewhere? Can we learn from them?

To answer especially this last question we invite David Boak. Professor David Stewart Boak, director of Communication of the Royal Society of Great Britain (National Academy of Sciences of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth), has been involved for seven years advising the British Government Programs Public Understanding of Science (PUS) and Public Engagement in Science and Technology (PEST), promoted by the same Royal Society, the Royal Institution and the British Association for the Advancement of Science.


16.00 – 16:15 Presentation: Cristina Junyent, Biología y Sociedad, SCB and Fundación Ciencia en Sociedad

11 16:15 – 17:00 David Boak: “The rocky path to PEST: strategy for realising the vision”

17:00 – 19.00 Round Table "Scientific Communication Networks"
    ACCC: Mercè Piqueras, President
    COSCE: Jaume Estruch, Rubes Editorial
    Sci-COM-ACCC: Pau Senra, KdVCC
    GIA-ACCC: Maria Josep Picó, director of Nat
    SCACS: Marc de Semir, Director of Communication at Hospital Clínic
    Biocoms: Montse Daban, Director of Communication at Biocat

19:00 – 19:30 Happy hour

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