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Santa Llúcia 2006. Who we are?

2006 December the 13th took place the first jornada de Santa Llúcia. In 2006 science communications professionals, members of the Biology and Society Section of the Catalan Society of Biology (affiliate of the Institute for Catalan Studies), Ciència en Societat Foundation and the grup Sci-COM of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication, thought that this professional work is a very individual one: therefore, before knowing what we do, it would be better to know who we are. This is the reason of the name Who we are?

As it was impossible to know everybody in one afternoon, we show a preliminary draft of the map of science communication (MC3), who wanted to collect the scientific communication activities that take place in Catalan-speaking lands, and we begin by presenting the networks that bring together professionals of this field. To compensate, we will give a great importance to the happy hour, to facilitate close and distended meetings. To promote synergies. And, as was the December 13, since then we call Santa Llúcia Day.


    16.00 - 16:15 Presentation SCB, Àurea Navarro and Cristina Junyent, the meeting, Ciència en Societat Foundation
    16:15 to 16:30 Pre-Map of Communication Science Catalonia Pau Senra, Sci-COM, KdV
    16:30 to 18:15 Presentation of scientific communication networks
       16:30 to 16:45 C4: Tomas Molina
       16:45 to 17:00 ACCC: Merce Piqueras
       17:00 to 17:15 Platform Ciència i Societat. Teresa Escalas
       17:15 to 17:30 CiMA: Blanca Nieto
       17:30 to 17:45 ESOF: Jordi Mas Castellà
    17:45 to 18:45 Round table which set out the objectives:
           - Develop the Map of Scientific Communication in Catalonia
           - Proposal to present day activities of the groups that make it up.
    19:00 to 20:00 Happy Hour: high tea and glass of champagne to relax and establish ties in the face.

Summary of the meeting
Resources: How do I say?
                Why and what to communicate science?
                Initiatives to communicate science

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