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for young researchers

Lichens of Barcelona

Lichens of Barcelona as indicators of environment quality
Citizen Science in Barcelona

10th May 18h - Museu Zoologia
Eva i les āvies sāvies

2015 Curs: Una visiķ femenina de l'evoluciķ
Treballs de la SCB

2014 (65) i 2015 (66)
Obra de Cajal

2014 Science on stage
Omnis Cellula

2010-2012 Science Popularization Magazine
Understand evolution

2009 Exhibition: Evolution theory and Darwin's llife

2009-2007 Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications Newsletter
Criteria and tools

2009 Workshop for science popularization
Barcelona Declaration

2008 Challenges and pathways to Earth Sustainability
Trivia RYM: Research your Mind

2012 Do You Want to Play Scientific Trivia?